Effect of a High-Frequency Electric Field on the Shape
of a Solitary Wave in a Superlattice with a Spectrum
beyond the Framework of the Nearest Neighbors Approximation

S. V. Kryuchkov and A. I. Shapovalov

Pedagogical University, Volgograd, 400013 Russia

Received December 16, 1996

Abstract—The effect of a high-frequency uniform electric field on the shape of a solitary electromagnetic wave
propagating in a quantum superlattice (SL) is studied. The electronic energy spectrum of the SL is chosen in
the strong coupling approximation with the second harmonic taken into account, which is beyond the scope of
consideration of “nearest neighbors.” Electromagnetic waves are shown to be described by the double sine-Gor-
don (2SG) equation in this situation. It is noted that solution of the 2SG equation corresponding to pulse ampli-
fication is possible. It is also shown that the inclusion of the noncosine form of the energy spectrum results in
a decrease in the velocity and the spatial dimensions of a solitary wave stabilized by the high-frequency field.
The temperature dependence of the velocity of a dissipative soliton is revealed.

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