Entrainment of Current Carriers in a Superlattice
upon Ionization of Impurity Centers
by Nonlinear Electromagnetic Waves

S. V. Kryuchkov and K. A. Popov

Volgorgad State Pedagogical University, Volgograd, 400013 Russia

Received May 26, 1997; in final form, November 20, 1997

Abstract—The effect of entrainment of carriers is studied in the process of ionization of impurity centers in a
quantum superlattice by nonlinear periodic electromagnetic waves representing the most general solution of the
sine-Gordon equation and expressed in terms of Jacobi elliptic functions. It is shown that the entrainment cur-
rent vanishes at k = 1 (k is the coefficient of wave nonlinearity). In addition, the entrainment current exhibits a
number of extrema caused by the presence of harmonics with frequencies multiples to the fundamental fre-
quency in the expansion of the nonlinear wave in the Fourier series. Numerical calculations of the photocurrent
are performed in the short-circuit regime for typical parameters of the superlattice. The estimates showed that
the entrainment electron current upon ionization of impurities exceeds, under certain conditions, the entrain-
ment current of free electrons.

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