New Data on Procolophons from the Permian of Eastern Europe

V. V. Bulanov

Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya ul. 123, Moscow, 117997 Russia

Received February 9, 2001

Abstract—Procolophons from the Upper Permian of Eastern Europe are revised. The genus Microphon Ivach-
nenko, 1983 established on the basis of a maxilla from the Donguz 6 locality and earlier referred to procolo-
phonids (Procolophonidae) is actually a seymouriamorph; the genera Raphanodon Ivachnenko, 1987 and
Bulanov, 2000 are its junior synonyms. The procolophons (Parareptilia) Nyctiphruretus optabilis
sp. nov. (Nyctiphruretidae) and Kinelia broomi gen. et sp. nov. (Procolophonidae, Spondylolestinae) are
described based on the jaws from the Upper Permian of European Russia.

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