Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for a specific journal

Manuscripts should be prepared for submission using guidelines for a specific journal. These can be found on the journal web page.

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Electronic version of a manuscript

The electronic version of a manuscript should be prepared using a style file according to the publisher's general guidelines. This section provides guidelines for the electronic manuscript preparation. Manuscript files should be sent to the journal editor by e-mail or other means specified by the editor. All files should be collected in one archive, preferably a ZIP file.

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Electronic Proofing

Guidelines for working with electronic proofs are applicable to all journals in the English-language version and to most of the journals in the Russian-language versions (see list). The authors receive a PDF file, which can be viewed and corrected using one of the latest versions of Acrobat Reader. Corrections and comments should be entered directly into the PDF file. Recommendations are provided in this section.

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