How to publish your article in the Open Access

To publish your article in Open Access, you should prepare and submit your application to The application must include:

  1. The title of the journal to which you are submitting your article.
  2. The sponsor of your research.
  3. The funding source for Open Access publication (the name and details of the organization that will be the signatory to the agreement about covering the article processing charge (APC)).
  4. The contact details of the author who will coordinate the publication process.

Together with your application, you must enclose the Letter of Consent signed by all authors (who thereby confirm their agreement for the article to be published in Open Access and their willingness to pay the APC), as well as the manuscript of your article, prepared according to the journal-specific guidelines for authors and/or in compliance with publisher’s rules for authors.

After the feasibility of being paid by the funding source has been established, the manuscript is submitted for peer review. Editorial personnel will contact you in case the manuscript requires revision or if it has been rejected for any reason. In order to minimize the likelihood of rejection, make sure that the article is within the journal's scope and complies with the requirements specified in the guidelines for authors (team of contributors, list of accompanying documents, sources used, etc.) If the article receives positive reviews (is accepted for publication), once the APC has been paid, the manuscript undergoes editorial and preprint processing and is then published with the Open Access marking.

If the journal you have selected has a Russian-language version, your sponsor allows it, and the article is originally submitted in the Russian language or has a Russian-language version, you can simultaneously publish the article conventionally in the Russian-language version. To this end, please enclose a filled-in and signed agreement for the Russian-language version available at the publisher's website.

The APC for publishing an article in Open Access mode is €2200 / US $3000.

  • The manuscript cannot be accepted without a signed Letter of Content, and it will not appear on the website before receipt of APC payment or a guarantee thereof.
  • Your decision to publish the article in Open Access is final and cannot be revoked once the final version of the article has been prepared. Your payment can only be refunded if it is discovered that the article cannot be published in Open Access for reasons beyond authors' control while the article is being prepared for publication. In the latter case, the article will be published as an ordinary article.
  • The APC is not refunded on an author’s request nor when the author has not complied with publication rules, including plagiarism, etc.
  • The APC does not include any additional fees such as the charge for processing full-color illustrations or for substantial revision of an already prepared article or any of its parts.
  • Each article goes through the standard article-preparation cycle, which includes interim author’s proofing and final galley proofing in PDF format.