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Evgenii E. Fesenko


Biophysics (Biofizika) covers a wide scope of problems related to the main physical mechanisms of processes taking place at different organization levels in biosystems. It includes structure and dynamics of macromolecules, cells and tissues; the influence of environment; energy transformation and transfer; thermodynamics; biological motility; population dynamics and cell differentiation modeling; biomechanics and tissue rheology; nonlinear phenomena, mathematical and cybernetics modeling of complex systems; and computational biology.
Biophysics exercises a multidisciplinary approach to relevant. The Letters to the Editor section is dedicated to rapid publications of special interest. Reviews and minireviews are devoted to problems of general interest. The length of a manuscript is not limited.

Biophysics is abstracted and/or indexed in:
ASFA, Academic OneFile, CSA, ChemWeb, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), EMBiology, Gale, Google Scholar, INIS Atomindex, INSPEC, International Bibliography of Book Reviews (IBR), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ), OCLC, SCImago, Scopus, Summon by ProQuest.


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