Physics of Wave Phenomena

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Physics of Wave Phenomena publishes original contributions in general and nonlinear wave theory, original experimental results in optics, acoustics and radiophysics. The fields of physics represented in this journal include nonlinear optics, acoustics, and radiophysics; nonlinear effects of any nature including nonlinear dynamics and chaos; phase transitions including light- and sound-induced; laser physics; optical and other spectroscopies; new instruments, methods, and measurements of wave and oscillatory processes; remote sensing of waves in natural media; wave interactions in biophysics, econophysics and other cross-disciplinary areas.

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Wave Research Center, Prokhorov General Physics Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Vavilova 38, 119991 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 503-8147

Editorial Board


Ivan A. Shcherbakov (Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)


Gennady A. Lyakhov (Wave Research Center, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) and Tatiana B. Volyak (Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)


Sergei N. Bagayev (Physical Science Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia), Anatoly S. Chirkin (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia), Andrei V. Gaponov-Grekhov (Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia ), Sergey V. Garnov (Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia), Mark F. Hamilton (Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Texas, Austin, USA), Vladimir A. Makarov (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia), and Philippe Pernod (Ecole Centrale de Lille, Villeneuved’ Ascq Cedex, France)

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2017, Volume 25 (4 issues)

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